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31 July 2013 @ 11:56 am

Welcome to my Livejournal! My name is Wenhui~ :D
My LJ consists of fangirling and rants~ :3 and lots of nino nino~ <3



My small collection of SCANS
(Has been on a 1 year hiatus, and i've finally graduated! Would love to continue scanning, want to say a Thank You for all those who commented! Sorry for the ultra late reply!)

INDEXCollapse )

Monthly The Television
-September'08 (Arashi cover)

Nazodi SINGAPORE 2013
-Singapore's Reports/magazines

Only Star
-June'13 (Kanayan cover)

-Feb'11 (Arashi cover)
Platina Data

-August'08 (Maou cover)
-August'13 (Arashi cover)
-Oct'13 (Ryo cover) -Ryo&Arashi scans
-Dec'13 (KinkiKids cover) -Arashi scans
-(test) Sho cover
-August'13 (Sho cover)

-2009 December Best of Winkup booklet

-Random (10scans)
-Random (86scans)


All scans by me! :D
I'll only scan when i feel like doing so, therefore i'm not going to post the scans regularly >< .
Might be keeping some scans to friends-only after 2weeks, so you can add me as a friend to download them :)
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Hey guys!
So I was just back from Waku Waku Gakkou, live screening in Singapore, 28th June 2015, 4pm!
Again, It's amazing this year. Last year we had our first screening, it was so awesome and it felt like a dream come true for me!!

There were a few differences between 2014 and 2015 screening,

-Previously, Balestier Shaw only had 1 slot open... so there were many disappointed fangirls last year. Plus the website was crashing so thats how most of the girls lost their tickets :(
-And, there was a camera inside the hall, so Arashi could see us as well! ^^ But because of connection problem, Singapore was lagging by a few seconds, so........ HAHA Arashi only saw us stoning. xD

-THIS YEAR, WE HAVE HEY SAY JUMP WITH US! ;D My sis was so excited (because she's a really big fan), so this year there are a lot more fangirls from Arashi and HSJ fandoms joining us.
-Thus, Balestier Shaw had opened 3 timings and 6 halls for us.
4pm on 27 June, Saturday ( 2 halls )
10am on 28 June, Sunday ( 2 halls )
4pm on 28 June, Sunday ( 2 halls )
The tickets weren't sold out for all.. (A little disappointed, I guess it's because they announced the ticket sales a little too late..?) But still, the fans who came were all 100% ready and excited!
-There wasnt any cameras in the hall today, so Arashi and HSJ couldnt see us >n<
-They are selling waku waku goods this year!

Note: I might have forgotten some stuff and I can't understand chim japanese, so please forgive me!
Ok so, here I go with my report!


Arrived at the venue a little earlier, around 2.50pm and the waku waku goods are already in place!
IT IS SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN BUYING ONLINE. Though there wasnt much goods.. but it's still cheaper anyway.
Arashi and HSJ clearfile - $7
Tissue pouch - $12
Tote bag - $20
So I bought the tote bag ;w; and my sis bought 2 of the clearfiles. hmm~

Was seated in at 3.50pm, 10 minutes before it starts.
So the screen was already showing the inside of Tokyo Dome, the audiences and the illustration of Arashi and Hey Say Jump in traditional clothings and hairstyle!! It was pretty cool.

At exactly 4:00pm sharp, Waku waku starts!! (OK. STARTING ON TIME IN SG IS REALLY RARE... So I was really excited ahaha. Omg Japan you rocksss)
It started off with ( as usual ) a clip showcasting all the Arashi members, finding out the Waku Waku logo and transforming into their sensei costume, and teleports off!

Started off with Ohno, pulling a cart with a lady inside and he found the logo.
Afterwards Sho, doing Ikebana and he noticed the logo.
Followed by Jun, where he held his arms out, and shouted “来い!” (come!), and a crow came in and rested on his arms. And afterwards he flinged it off and it revealed the logo.
Nino playing shogi, and when he checkmated he turned one of the shogi piece around, and the logo was printed on the back.
Lastly, Aiba was the chef in a Sushi restaurant, and the other chef handed him a really huge maki. (HUGE). He sliced it and inside it was the logo as well. And this part Aiba said "yeah!!" while doing his weird actions a few times, so it was really funny!

And as they teleported and turned into amnos colours, they went through a gate and lastly reaching the live video of Arashi in the backstage, looking right at the camera!!

J b0009b
N  ffc61c
S e30909
A 5eab07
O 1000a1

J: It's back again this time!
ANOS: ne~!
J: It's the 5th year, and the last session. Let's go, WAKU WAKU........
AMNOS: GAKKOU ---------- !!
S: Now it has started, Ninomiya-kun, how many times have this been?
N: This year... is the 5th time right?
A: Doesn't this mean that the students are in their 5th year?
N: Sugoi ne~
S: Ohno-sensei, genki desu ka?!
O: GENKI--!!!!!!!!!
J: Let's go!

~ Arashi walks into stage ~

AMNOS: Welcome to waku waku gakkou~!
AMNOS: Konnichiwa~~ Domo~~
AMNOS: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

J: Let's have fun!
A: Let's learn!
J: Are everyone feeling WAKU WAKU?~ (excited*)
" YEAHH !! "
- birds chirping -
A: Ehh? Wait.. Didnt you hear some birds chirping?
N: Oi! It's June, and you want to go back to spring?!
J: It's the 5th Waku Waku Gakkou this year and its theme is " Four seasons themed lessons to make Japan more enjoyable "
A: And today we will be having ShangHai and Singapore students with us!
N: That's right!
O: Everyone, when we say Spring, you'll think of... !
...... "......Entrance ceremony....."
O: That's right! Entrance ceremony! And right away, we'll perform the entrance ceremony!
S: Yeah!
N: Oh~!
S: I guess all of you know well of our 9 new transfered students! Let's welcome, HEY SAY JUMP!!

~ HSJ walks from the door located away from the stage ~

HSJ: Hey Say Jump desu!! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!
**Note: I'm note very familiar with their voices/names so I'll try to input the right person for the sentence! SORRY TnT**
O: Now dash to the stage!! First, ARIOKA DAIKI!!
Daiki: Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! -Runs to the stage-
O: Next, INOO KEI!!

Keito: Yatta!
N: Next up, TAKAKI YUUYA!!
Yuuya: Hai! Onegaishimasu! -Runs to the stage-
Chinen: Chinen desu! -Runs to the stage-
Yuuto: HAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAI~! -Runs to the stage-
Yabu: Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! -Runs to the stage-
J: They've grown up
Yamada: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!! -Runs to the stage-
J: Yama-chan you might fall so be careful
J: Yamada, don't fall, dont fall!!

~ Yamada fell down ~
S: Now, with Hey Say Jump we are all here. Now everyone, stand! Onegaishimasu~
O: With that, Arashi no Waku Waku Gakkou shall start! Attention, bow~
"Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~~"
S: Sit!!
O: New transfered students, entrance ceremony omedetou gozaimasu!
HSJ: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
O: Every year we've been doing Waku Waku Gakkou, and we have arrived in our 5th year!
A: And this year with 365 days we will not only learn the inside of Japan while enjoying ourselves we will also learn the seasons of alksjdo (??)
*Anyway Aiba messed up his words*
N: That was almost an out.
A: (He was saying something about learning about the 5 seeds of the seasons?)
N: And thus we wil sklajs
*Nino messed up his words too HAHAHA*
Everyone: -laughing-
N: Stop it!! This is Hey Say Jump's turn! Now Yamada,
Yamada: Hai! So together with the students here and with Arashi sensei, we will enjoy the lessons together.
S: With that the entrance ceremony will come to and end!
O: Now everyone, settle down.
J: ... Well we're already...
O: From now we will want to experience the difference season with sounds, so may everyone close their eyes. Now with your eyes closed, listen carefully.

~Birds chirping~

O: Now.. Spring is soon over.

~Frogs croaking~
~Owl sound~

O: Now everyone, please open your eyes. The sensei who will be in charge of this session is...

~TITLE; Nino face appears on screen~

N: Hurry up and sit down, hurry up and sit down! It has already started!!

( to be continued )
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25 July 2014 @ 04:43 pm
was kinda sad and stayed at home today... so i started playing with my after effects and photoshop and.. making use of the green screen from yamadataro.... aaanddd ta-dahhh this gif~! XD""


note note : the two original gifs weren't by me x'D
27 April 2014 @ 11:31 pm
Hello!! /im back after asdhj months ;w;/
without further blaablaas here are the scans!

[MOCHIPAN@LJ] WinkUp 2009 december - Best of wink up 21

Download link: Here
So basically, RANKINGS and chibi arashi!! >///////////<
rankings such as... who is the most playful one in arashi? :D

[answer is...]tweet this
of course you got it correct, right? XD

sorry.. being bias -cough- TuT

This time i've removed the passwords etc cause i realised its a waste of time to put it in anyway, right?
And i've changed to mega! ^^ will slowly change the previous ones to mega too!

Idk when will be the next time i can scan magazines again... I only managed to scan it today cause there's a need to scan thumbnails for my assignment.. ^-^" Anyway currently i have quite a lot of unscan-ed ones around, mostly from 2009-2010 XD i figured that maybe there's no need to scan the latest issues anyway cause others are updating it, so i will be focusing on the older issues instead :)!

Thank for those that liked my scans and continued waiting >< i'm so sorry for the ultra looooooooong pause.
Hopefully i will be back more frequently !
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15 November 2013 @ 11:04 pm

tv guide dec
Download : Here


Download : Here


Hi!! These are the old scans that i promised a few weeks back... (ok.. 2 months in fact ^^") i finally stopped procrastinating and got 80% of them SCANNED and uploaded!! pwey!! >u<;
I'm sorry if you've waited... ; ; i had school and part time job together so it was pretty hard for me to find the free time to scan them.. and because i've been fangirling too much during my free time so -

Anyway without further ado, here are the scans! :) I've compiled all of them together if you dont mind ^^"

[more spoilers for the scans ~]
Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 12.10.49 AM
Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 12.11.27 AM

random scans
Download : Here
The next batch will be the scans for each member~

Please credit if you're using for edits (eg wallpapers/tumblr etc), don't have to inform and ask me, just have to mention Mochipan@LJ is enough for me ^^ I just hope that no one will reupload and claim that its their scans, it took me forever to scan and resize them ; u ;

Feel free to look at the rest of the scans, you'll have to add me as a friend to download my other scans!(:

Password for all : youaremysoulsoul

To be updated ~ :) Updated!
05 September 2013 @ 09:51 am
YAY i used to love shimeji and used it quite often until one day it multiplied so much that i couldn't even switch off my com -.-;; these cute things...

SS here
so cute!! TT he kept sitting down.. lazy brat.. xD Oh yes.. and he kept playing with his DS HAHHAHA <3

They are basically mini characters walking around your screen, sometimes doing really cute things xD
Most popular among anime/manga-lovers~ i used to have lots of anime chara ones until i moved to my new windows.. :( anyway after moving i wondered if there are any arashi ones and tadahhh!! i found some of them xD!!

thanks to uploader HERE . (arashi shimeji is available as well xD )

anyway i remembered it was a HUGEEE trend among anime/manga lovers last time.. even though not a lot of people uses it anymore nowadays... :(
03 August 2013 @ 10:24 pm
Hahas despite all the loads of assignments i have right now..I don't know how i found the time to do this instead :o
So i was just walking around MUJI and my sister spotted this plain bag (M size $2.90), decided to buy it and design it when we get home...Who knows .. it turns out to be crazily more difficult than what we've imagined...

So this is the bag :D plain right? XD Its actually for you to buy stamps (from MUJI) and create words on it.. the stamps couldnt be found at the store i was in so..

Decided that we might as well sew a arashi logo onto it!! :D
Thought that it'll be an easy job....

Had to cut out all the white parts.. and sketch onto the bag

So heres how it looks like! :D

And so now we're stitching and sewing...

Took almost 45 mins to go round on the pencil line...So now my sis and i were only 1.5 rounds done DD:
Thanks to my sis and my mom who taught me how to sew hahaha! I wonder how many more months its gonna take me... but i'll try and do some everyday ~ :D

Hopefully the end product is pretty...... ? c:
28 July 2013 @ 01:36 pm
Hey guys!! :D I went for the first world premiere by Japan organised in Singapore! It was a really fun,touching and emotional experience that i'll never ever forget. I'm really grateful for the director,cast or anyone that can make this possible, cause you guys made part of my dream come true. Thank you!

I've decided to post a fan report (quite a late one cause other fans have already have their own report). Other than sharing with you guys, i want to jot down this beautiful memory here cause it's just so precious..

For my report I'll use photos/audio/videos that my sis and i took, so no reposting . it took me a loong time

25 July 2013, Thursday
Arrival of Sho at Changi airport terminal 1

Originally sources said that Sho will touch down singapore at 5.15pm,but in the late afternoon around 2pm, some people said that the plane will be reaching at 4.40 instead. I panicked straight away cause i will be still in school then.. (i ended up skipping my lecture LOL), so i reached at 4.15 ! The barriers were already up and fangirls (AND some fanboys) were already waiting!
There were people holding banner and someone with a very huge board with Sho's face and "I love you!" ! It's so cute! (Idk if it was I love you, i think it is!)

Mezamashi TV (japanese news) were also there as well, and they interviewed my group.. >< hahas they asked questions like "How will you feel if you see Sakurai-san?" , "Did you made these uchiwa yourselves?" etcetc.. And finally "What do you want to say to Sakurai-san if you see him? " and the 4/5 of us just said "Thank you!!" , so emotional omg ;_;

Anyway we waited for veryyyy long.. lots of false alarms so sometimes everyone will suddenly shout at the wrong person LOL. (mainly because someone mistaken it and everyone followed HHAHHA XD! ) Security was very tight, they made sure our barriers were strongly attached. Policemen and guys in military uniform were everywhere.

Finally around 6~7pm WE SAW THIS REALLY FAMILIAR LOOKING FACE!! IT'S SHO!!! Omgg everyone just started screaming!! ><
He was inside the belt with lots of policemen surrounding him and waved at us! Thought that he will come out straight away but i've forgotten about the checking out process >< took him about 5 minutes?
He was alone.. It was reported that Keiko-san and Kippei-san left via another exit.

So after he came out everyone just started screaming!! He was smiling and waving to everyone!! He wasn't walking fast at all, so im pretty sure he wanted to spend more time there ;_; Anyway he stopped at a point for a short interview and I saw him!! He looks so so much cooler in real life, trust me! Sho also commented on a banner a group of fangirls made, and (according to some fangirls who heard him), he said " Sugoi!! " After that he left in a limousine! He even lowered down the windows to wave at us again!! So kind!! T_T I kinda know why the staff are rushing him.. but everything felt so short!! Anyway i'm really glad that i saw him! The wait and (skipping of lecture) was worth it!
After Sho left, lots of girls were crying really badly. It was such a great moment..

26 July 2013, Friday
Sho-kun in Singapore

Apparently he was spotted at the Merlion place. He was wearing a Merlion hat (like those in mascots where you wear over your head) , obviously he had fun there.
This was reported by Priscilla Zhang (Facebook)

27 July 2013, Saturday
International world premiere - Red carpet

Standing right in front of the stage! I reached around 12+, thank you my friends who reached there at 11! You guys are just awesome!
When i reached there , already have around 10+ people waiting.. even though the event starts at 5.

We waited for quite a long time.. Actually i was standing on the left side of the carpet, however around 2pm we suddenly have to move to the right side.(Can you imagine how many people were there already?! When you reach so early and suddenly have to move to somewhere behind.. Thanks to my friends i managed to join them in front, they're really awesome people T_T) Really angry with how the singapore staff did their things, it was all last minute and they're really rude to the fangirls... Since we were there early she said :"You girls shouldn't even be here at this time." How rude!! >:(
Oh well that's another story altogether. (Shall not let myself be angered on such a special day ! ^ ^ )

Around 4pm the place was already packed with fangirls (and some fanboys!) We all have to stand so that people can move in. Thn they started putting up safety barriers around the light area .

I also asked one of the Nazodi staff who was standing in front of me if i can take a photo of his shirt >< He agreed readily !! Anyway it ended up with lots of girls taking photos of his shirt hahah! Or maybe..him

During our free time we've decided to write down our letters to Sho-chan,Keiko-chan and Kippei-san!
We were listening to Arashi's songs and writing at the same time. ^^ Btw our letters got passed to the staff who agreed to pass it to them!! Really happy!! I hope Sho-kun read my letter.. ><

Mini uchiwa i brought >< Another one with "いいね" which i didn't take a photo of > < ll

Around 4.30 the camera crew were testing their lightings and speech. Around this time Mezamashi TV  was interviewing the fangirls in front of me! (haha my friends actually >< !)
Eh? Don't you think the female reporter looks familiar? :D She's so cute in real life ! Our Singapore MC kept calling her the Pretty lady LOLL!
At that time the Nazodi OST was replaying and replaying @_@ I was hoping they'll play Meikyuu.. and suddenly, they played it!!
We're all so excited, and started Singing Meikyuu together. It was really touching cause it sounded so beautiful.. For the first few seconds of this video you can hear it, its a fanvid by Zahirah . Btw guys check our her detailed premiere fan report here ! :D

It was a long wait.. Even though it was already 5pm, no informations about Sho's arrival was given out.. :(
Around 6pm, still no sho!! >< ah... was feeling so sad ! :( Kept having this feeling that they couldn't make it..

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 2.11.15 PM
Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 2.11.33 PM
Suddenly the MC is up to inform us that they will be arriving in 5minutes!!
All the worries i had were gone! >< I'm so excited!!
After the LOOONGEST 5 minutes i've waited, the Nazodi crew is finally out!!

KYA!!! SHO-KUN!!! ;A; omg PRECIOUS!!!! The moment he's up on the stage i was just crying and sobbing.. its my first time crying cause i'm so happy . Tears just flow,really . ; _ ;
Anyway i'll let the video do the talking. Taken by my sister ~!

In case you didn't see, they were stopped in front of the stage for a short interview! Sho was in front of me but i couldn't see him clearly!! >< Disadvantage of being short i guess..
Bouquets of orchid flowers (Singapore's flowers) were presented to them. A young girl actually went up on stage and go to Sho but he directed her to Keiko >< So kind! Soon the two other boys went to Sho-kun and Kippei-san ~ Sho tried carrying the small boy forward for a photo taking but he 'failed' a little ><
It was really a short 8 minutes, despite waiting from 12noon to 6.10pm it was really worth it ! ; w ;

27 July 2013, Saturday
International world premiere - After movie's interview

Collection of the ticket was 5-6.30 pm.. (a clash with the red carpet -_-), so i went after the red carpet, which was 6.40pm . Managed to receive my tickets! I went in with my sister.

Was kind of disappointed to find out that my seat is on the 2nd floor (i believe there are 3 floors so i shouldn't be complaining! LOL) , i do wish i'm on the first floor though! ><  Cause Sho walked in from there!! Ahh!!!
After we all settle down, the movie started playing! I had a fun time laughing, it was such an amazing film. It's really exciting and definitely worth watching. Visual effects were plainly AWESOME!!! Shall not reveal spoilers here, but this YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT!

After the movie ended, the MC introduced the cast to come in for the interviews!
I don't know if i should write down word for word,cause other people have already translated/posted them. I'll leave the audio here for you if you want to hear Sho's awesome english and.. singlish!  :)


After the interview ended they took a group photo together >< So the fangirls downstairs were allowed to moved in front.. ii na.. i wonder if they captured the top 2 stories as well? :(  I was posing as well!! XD

After the movie ended (around 10 pm +++), I went home straight away.. Couldn't stay up that late or else my parents might start nagging !
All in all it was a wonderful experience that perhaps i can never get again in my life.. Seeing Sho-chan in person, his voice and everything, really is something i'll never forget !!

Thanks for taking your time to read my fan report!! Took me HOURS to upload photos,audio and video,trying to remember some parts, editing the post etc ><  Hope you enjoyed! 
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24 December 2012 @ 01:09 am
Happy birthday to our sunshine!! XD To celebrate his birthday.. I made some GIFs :D (that can't be uploaded on Tumblr {C}/I'm not a regular poster here so i guess this post is special ~

Happy 30th!! I can't believe you're 30 already ~!

[Less lag :D Click to open~]

[Less lag :D Click to open~]

Stay happy,healthy and cuticle always!! ^^